Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in Seattle

  • By Susana M
  • Travel Destinations
  • 21.01.2016

Seattle is well known as The Emerald City and has many attractions to offer to those deciding to stop by. Depending on how long you stay, you have the possibility to experience more of them. If you stop by for a really short period of time, hopefully you have enough time to check out at least the following attractions.

Top 3 places to see
Pike Place Market
This place is probably packed with tourists because it the largest tourist area found downtown. The place is an attraction because this is the oldest farmers market in the nation. It is also known for the original Starbucks coffee shop, and the famous fish market. 

Seattle Art Museum
The museum displays art from all over the world. The museum hosts African art, porcelains, European avant-garde paintings, glass pieces and more.

Experience Music Project
If you love music and architecture, this is the perfect place to be at. This piece of art looks like Jimi Hendrix’ smashed guitar. Only Frank Gehry can conceive something like this.

Top 3 things to do
Have a Bite of Seattle
This is a festival you should attend if you visit the city that happens in the second half of July. The festival is held in Seattle Center, and the main attraction is the served food: you can eat as much as you can.

Cycling on the Burke Gilman Trail
This is a paved road specially created for non-motorized travel. This trail is 26 miles long, therefore there are a lot of things to see along it.

Attend sport events
One sport event is the soccer event happening from March till November at the CenturyLink Field. One of the teams playing there is the Seattle Sounders FC. This stadium is the only one where the atmosphere is similar to that in Europe.