Santa Maria

Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in Santa Maria

  • By Susana M
  • Travel Destinations
  • 21.01.2016

Santa Maria is a popular name for places. Santa Maria in Santa Barbara County, in California, should be on your lists of places to visit if you still want to experience a drive-in movie theater. Read on if you want to find out what other nice things you can find in this city.

Top 3 places to see
The Historic Santa Maria Inn
This inn has many pictures and a lot of information on how the city came to be, as well as about the person who established it, Captain Allan Hancock.

Nipomo-Guadalupe Dunes
Sand dunes are impressive. The dunes located here are the 2nd largest in California. These shoreline dunes stretch for 18 miles, and sure offer a lot of photography opportunities. Surely the dunes are not in the city per se, but to the west of the city.

Waller County Park
This park is huge and you can go there for various reasons, including pony rides, hiking, biking, seeing the lakes, and enjoying the grassy lawn space. The admittance is free.

Top 3 things to do
If you enjoy skating as a workout routine you should go in Fletcher Park. this park holds the Santa Maria Skate Park where you should be able to skate as much as your heart desires.   

Eating and drinking
The best barbeque in western USA originates here. This barbecue is commonly referred to as Santa Maria-style barbecue, to differentiate its recipe from others. Santa Maria is has a strong wine industry, therefore you should try some local wines. 

Watch movies
As previously said, you can go to the movies in the old fashioned way, in the drive-in at the Hi-Way Drive-In Theatre. You must call first to ask about what movie is shown, and at which hours.