Joe Wheeler State Park (Alabama)

Joe Wheeler State Park (Alabama)

  • By Kate V
  • Resorts
  • 10.02.2016

If you have some free time and plan to have a short vacation, consider visiting Alabama to learn more about the state. You can choose to go camping or stay at a resort, so have a look at the top 5 things to do in Joe Wheeler State Park.

1. Go fishing
Joe Wheeler State Park offers its visitors the chance to fish in a quiet environment. You may be able to find smallmouth and other species of fish, as well as have a good time. You can also take in the fresh air and simply enjoy the natural setting.

2. Go for a picnic
Many visitors love having a picnic in the park, and Joe Wheeler State park is famous for its picnic area. Pack up your breakfast or lunch, and head over to the pavilions for a couple of hours. You will not regret it! The picnic area also includes a swimming place, and playgrounds your children will love.

3. Rent a boat
Have you ever wanted to rent a boat and spend time watching the river? This is you chance to take your friends for an amazing boat trip, as the park offers boat rentals for smaller or larger crews.

4. Try paddleboarding
You may find paddleboarding fun and exciting, so consider trying it out when visiting the Joe Wheeler State Park. The park allows you to rent the needed equipment and just enjoy your experience. You may find paddleboarding to be a quite intense workout! Your kids may love this sport as well, so make sure to bring them along.

5. Visit the restaurant
Joe Wheeler State Park includes a restaurant that is open every day, as well as on the weekends. You can make reservations or just show up whenever hunger strikes. Try the seafood buffet, the rib special or any of the yummy desserts available.