Black Diamond Resort Co.

Black Diamond Resort Co.

  • By Kate V
  • Resorts
  • 10.02.2016

Visiting Alaska is a good idea regardless of the time and the season. This state may be cold but it is by no means boring, and here are the top 5 things to do in Black Diamond Resort Co. You will have lots of fun!

1. The Treasure Hunt Expedition
Visitors who stay at the Black Diamond Resort Co. can engage in a very exciting Treasure Hunt Expedition. You will get to search for rocks, hike, and experience Alaska's wildlife. More than this, you will have a guide to show you around at anytime.

2. Play golf
The Black Diamond Resort Co. is the place where you can play golf as well, surrounded by a beautiful mountain view. You can even take classes if you want to improve your game. While playing, make sure not to get distracted by all the wildlife you will see!

3. Take a tour of the surroundings
The resort offer guided tours on a daily basis, and guests can choose the tour's duration and route. These tours can also be attended by kids, so rest assured your child will have a good time too. The tours are so varied you will always have something to do while staying here!

4. Try the resort's restaurant
Black Diamond Resort's restaurant is something you must check out. The meals are affordable, and you can choose a yummy sandwich, tasty steaks and seafood, or healthy salads. Gourmet foods are also available here.

5. Head over the kids club
Many guests bring their entire families to this family friendly resort, and you may want to assure your children have fun too. The kids club provides fun activities for the little ones, on a daily basis. The club is open until 8 pm, and some of the activities include mini golf, treasure haunts and cooking classes.