Doublehead Resort & Lodge

Doublehead Resort & Lodge

  • By Kate V
  • Resorts
  • 10.02.2016

If you want to experience something different and also visit Alabama, the Doublehead Resort & Lodge sounds like a good idea. If you're wondering about the location's main attractions, here are the top 5 things to do in Doublehead Resort & Lodge. Check them out!

1. Try horseback riding
Horseback riding is not something you can do every day, so take the opportunity to ride the horses while staying at the Doublehead Resort & Lodge. Furthermore, classes are available to guests who never tried horseback riding before.

2. Visit the beach
A white sand beach is the perfect place to be in summer, so grab your beach towels and give it a shot. You will find this to be a relaxing activity that refreshes your mind and helps you gain a new perspective. Plus, you will go back home with a nice tan.

3. Swim at the pool
The Doublehead Resort & Lodge has a pool where you can swim, and this pool includes a spectacular waterfall you simply need to see. You can head over there for a few hours filled with fun. Practice your swimming skills, but make sure to take in the atmosphere as well.

4. Visit the tennis courts
Tennis is a sport enjoyed by many people, and you can engage in this activity at the Doublehead Resort & Lodge. The tennis courts are located outdoors, so you can also get some fresh air while playing your favorite sport.

5. Play some games
When the weather is bad, you can just choose to stay indoors and play some games by going to the game room. You will find the latest games here, and your children will also love them. Many people are into gaming, so this is an activity you should definitely try if you feel boredom creeping in.