Castle Hill Resort (Vermont)

Top 5 things to do in Castle Hill Resort (Vermont)

  • By Kate V
  • Resorts
  • 10.02.2016

Do you want to sleep surrounded by history and luxury at the same time? Book a room at the CAstle Hill Resort, but not before learning what are the top 5 things to do in Castle Hill Resort (Vermont).

Go to the spa
You can’t stay at the Castle Hill resort without having a treatment at the Aveda Concept Spa. All the services are carefully selected to help your body relax and rejuvenate. These treatments will also help your mind feel younger as there will be someone else taking care of you, just like it happened in your childhood.

Most resorts have a pool available for its guests. The pool at the Castle Hill Resort is an outdoor one, but it is heated. Right by the pool there is a hot tub as well for those who simply wants to relax in the water. The Bridal Veil Falls is another popular swimming spot, but it is not on the grounds of the resort.

Go see some covered bridges
Covered bridges are a rare sight these days, and they couldn’t look older. The Okemo Valley Region has 15 covered bridges and each of them is filled with history. You might not have enough time to visit them all, but even so this will be an interesting experience.

You will have to come in winter to ski or snowboard, but the resort has special packages in place for this purpose alone. These packages give you a skiing pass on these mountains: Killington, Pico, and even on the Sunapee. But don’t ignore the Okemo Mountain either: it has more than 100 slopes to try out!

Have an amazing wedding
Weddings look best in an elegant looking environment. This resort is ideal for couples who love mountains or a lot of nature surrounding them on their big day.