Chateau Resort & Conference Center (Pennsylvania)

Five reasons to go to Chateau Resort & Conference Center (Pennsylvania)

  • By Kate V
  • Resorts
  • 10.02.2016

Here are the five reasons to go to Chateau Resort & Conference Center, a modern hotel located in a natural setting.

Attend a seasonal event
The resort keeps things fun and entertaining by scheduling various seasonal events throughout the year. On Easter you can take advantage of the breakfast buffet, and children activities are also scheduled. If you visit on Mother's Day, you can enjoy a great brunch and have fun with your family.

Go to the gym
Keeping in shape is easy if you stay at the Chateau Resort. The resort features a well equipped gym that includes weight machines, cardio machines and of course, a sauna. Your morning or evening workout session will be fruitful and relaxing.

Go skiing
A winter vacation is simply not the same without winter sports. The hotel offers no less than 34 trails you might like to check out. Along with that, you can go snowboarding or take a tour of the surroundings in a snowmobile. If you planned a vacation focused on skiing, check out the packages provided by the resort.

Attend a business meeting
Chateau Resort does not let its guests down when it comes to meeting space. If you need to hold an important business meeting, the hotel offers spacious and airy rooms that include computers and comfortable seats. The views are simply gorgeous, so it will not even feel work. The conference rooms can be used for parties, banquet and anniversaries as well.

The wedding packages
The mountain makes for a great wedding setting, and Chateau Resort provides an extensive wedding menu as well as packages. Wedding planning is offered to guests who needs some help in preparing the ceremony. Furthermore, you can request a specific wedding cake and a photographer. The resort's offers include a 5 hour wedding reception and champagne.