Naomi Village Cottages Resort (Pennsylvania)

Five reasons to go to Naomi Village Cottages Resort (Pennsylvania)

  • By Kate V
  • Resorts
  • 10.02.2016

Here are the five reasons to go to Naomi Village Cottages Resort, a peaceful place in the mountains.

Eating and dining choices
If you want to relax and enjoy a gourmet meal, Naomi Village is the place to go. The hotel offers continental breakfast options, and the lunch menu is extensive enough to satisfy any guest. Start your day with an egg and bacon breakfast, and check out the healthy salads and pastas for lunch.

Go for a massage
The spa at Naomi Village is a dream came true. Among the varied spa packages, you may enjoy the Thai herbal ball spa or a facial. If you came here with your significant other, why not try a couples massage that will make you feel even closer. Maybe your feet got tired from so much walking so sit back and enjoy a foot massage.

Weddings and events
No matter what wedding style you have in mind, the staff at Naomi Village can deliver it to you. The dramatic mountain views and relaxed atmosphere are the ideal setting for an intimate wedding with your family. The resort also offers planning, varied packages and a menu to choose from.

Business meetings
Even though a vacation should be all about relaxing, your business meeting will be much more fruitful in a modern environment. The meeting space is encompassed within 6500 square feet, so big meetings are also available here. The resort provides catering options for group meetings, and the great views will help you close that important business deal quickly.

Go on a shopping trip
Shopping is fun, and you might find the right gift to bring back with you from vacation. The area is packed with stores, including jewelry and home decor shops. If you wake up early in the morning, you will be able to score the best deals on the items you want.