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How To check flight status at Continental Airlines

  • 21.01.2016
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As one of the world’s largest Airlines and the fourth largest airline in the US based on passenger mile returns, Continental Airlines is an American airline with its base and headquarters in Continental Centre I located in Downtown Houston, Texas. Together with Continental Connection and Continental Express, Continental comprise of over 2,750 departures daily throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe and serving 132 international and 133 domestic destinations. You can check your flight status on their official website along with making reservations at their online reservations provided. There are an additional 750 points that are supplied through their partnerships. They have central airports serving Houston, New York, Guam and Cleveland, carries about 67 million passengers each year jointly with its regional partners. Continental offer various ways with their online flight status for you to keep up to date with your travel schedule. Below are some ways that you can check your flight status online.

Trip Alert

This is a service for members with Onepass that advises you every time you travel some conditions, when you can check in online, if your flight is cancelled or delayed and also print your boarding passes. You will need to register to get this service.

Flight Status

This notification informs you on hourly of your flight’s arrival or departure. Flight Status Notification service will sent a message to your mobile device or your email box before the scheduled arrival or departure of your flight and the current arrival or departure gate information and time will be included, whenever available. Here you just put in your Flight number, the type of flight status information you want, select Arrival or Departure status information, Arrival or Departure date, when you want to get your flight status alerts, whether you want to get your message like on a Pager or Personal Computer, (Eg. Send you messages to this SMS or text-enabled device when available. You may be charged by your wireless provided for this service. SMS is only available to US mobile carriers) or on PDAs) then you enter your email address and click the continue button.

Also you can check Today’s Operation to get flight delay information or weather summaries that may affect Continental flights. To get the current flight status and gate information, you can check by putting in some of your flight information like Departure Date, Flight number, put in the date and click the Continue button, if you don’t know your flight number use the destination from city to airport to city to airport and choose date then click on the continue option.