La Cantera Hill Country Resort

Five reasons to go to La Cantera Hill Country Resort (San Antonio, Texas)

  • By Brian F
  • Resorts
  • 10.08.2016

These are the five reasons to go to La Cantera Hill Country Resort, a beautiful place in Texas.

Visit Castle Rock Health Club & Spa
If you want to enjoy a spa day, sit back and let yourself be pampered with the best treatments at Castle Rock. The spa also offers personalized massages and facials, specific body therapies but also couples massages. The spa provides packages for guests who want to take a holiday here. No matter what you choose, your holiday will become that much more relaxing.

La Cantera Golf Club
If you feel like playing golf, don't forget to check out La Cantera Golf Club. The club offers professional golf classes with trained instructors. In addition to that, you can spend an afternoon playing your favorite sport with your friends.

Visit an amusement park
If you are in town with family, you may enjoy taking a trip to the Six Flags amusement park. The park features water slides and many other amazing attractions for the entire family. Take a day off to visit the entire park, take pictures and enjoy the fun atmosphere.

The shops at La Cantera
If you are on a vacation, you will probably want to do some shopping. The shops located here satisfy any taste and requirement. Take some time off to enjoy the clothing and accessories selection, or perhaps purchase a few interior design pieces. More than this, the shops also include souvenirs you can take home to your friends.

Eating out at the restaurants
La Cantera Resort encompasses a few restaurants for the whole family. The casual spots offer a great selection of Mexican food, but also staples like pizza and burgers. In the evening, head over to the bar for a few signature cocktails with your friends. The hotel is also a good place for parties and other events.