Horseshoe Bay Resort

Five reasons to go to Horseshoe Bay Resort (Horseshoe Bay, Texas)

  • By Brian F
  • Resorts
  • 10.08.2016


Go out to dinner
The hotel does not let its guests down when it comes to dining options. The varied restaurants serve Southern food but also healthy salads and Italian dishes. If you are a fan of sea food, don't forget to check out the Yacht Club. The restaurant offers amazing views and fresh fish for every guest to enjoy.

Select a package
If you choose an all inclusive package, your vacation will be much more convenient. The resort offers many packages for any budget and occasion. You can spend an amazing honeymoon here, but also take a family trip or go on a romantic getaway. No matter what package you choose, Horseshoe Bay Resort does not disappoint.

Play your favorite sport
Just like any other reputable resort, Horseshoe Bay offers a variety of sports. You can practice your skills or maybe learn something new by attending tennis lessons, or head over to the gold course. The golf course provides fantastic views over the area, and certifies instructors are ready to teach you all the skills you need to know.

Meetings and events
The resort is not only the ideal place for a vacation, but also work. The meeting space is large enough to host hundreds of guests, so you can organize a private party here. The hotel also puts at its guests' disposal separate venues for weddings and anniversary events.

Go on a shopping trip
Maybe you want to get a souvenir for your friends back home, or perhaps you need to buy a new pair of sunglasses. The hotel encompasses several boutiques for any avid shopping fan. The stores also carry a great variety of toys and books, so don't end your vacation without buying something new.